The parents of ultra-Orthodox Ashkenazi students who refused to implement a High Court of Justice ruling requiring their daughters to study in the same classes as Mizrahi girls have been ordered arrive at the Jerusalem police headquarters at 5  P.M. on Thursday to begin their two-week prison terms.

The parents were initially told that their sentences would begin at 12 P.M., but the time was postponed due to the mass protests expected in Jerusalem over the arrests. 

The High Court is considering giving fathers and mothers permission to carry out their sentences separately, to ensure one be at home with the children while the other is in jail.

Ultra-Orthodox officials made a last-ditch effort on Wednesday to keep the parents from the settlement of from being arrested and jailed for their refusal to obey the High Court ruling.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to demonstrate in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak Thursday to support the right of the parents to keep their children in segregated classes.

The 43 families of the Ashkenazi girls seemed elated Wednesday by the prospect of their impending arrest and two-week jail term, which some called "a historic stand for the sanctification of the name of heaven."

The police have given a permit for a 20,000-strong demonstration in Jerusalem, to be led by Ashkenazi Haredi political and religious leaders.