Two brothers were murdered in a drive-by shooting on Friday, as they made their way home from a family celebration in Jaljulia. Police believe the shootings were carried out with criminal intention, over an inter-family dispute.

The victims were identified as Sultan Gamal Sbichat, aged 32, and Forsan Gamal Sbichat, aged 31. Also in the car were Sultan's wife, pregnant in her seventh month, and their two young children, none of whom were wounded. The family members were shot at while driving home to the Arab village of Salaam, near Umm al-Fahm, in northern Israel.

Gunmen in a passing car shot at the men from short range, near a petrol station at Horshim interchange in central Israel, near Jaljulia.

Magen David Adom arrived at the site, near the entrance to Highway 6, and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the men. They were forced to confirm the deaths of both men on the spot.

Police arrived at the site and closed it off to traffic. They began investigating the events of the murder. Initial investigations show that the two brothers, together with the wife and children of one of them, were on their way home from a party celebrating their sister's wedding, when a car blocked their path near Horshim Intersection, from which unidentified gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons. The two men were killed, while the women and children were not wounded. Upon arrival, MDA vacated the woman and children from the crime scene.

The police forces are currently searching for a vehicle suspected to be involved in the double murder.