Turkey's best-known alternative rock band, Baba Zula, will play its first-ever concert in Israel at Tel Aviv's Barby Club on November 9.

Baba Zula was established in Istanbul in 1996 and made it big in 2005 in the documentary "Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul." The film, by German-Turkish director Fatih Akin, presented modern art and culture in Istanbul; the documentary's first scenes featured the band.

Baba Zula seeks to merge psychedelic and Turkish folk music. The band's rock is also influenced by reggae, dub, electronic music, '60s rock as well as gypsy and Turkish music.

The band uses exotic instruments such as the saz (Turkish bouzouki ) and darbuka - a goblet drum. Its shows often feature traditional costumes, belly dancers, painting, short theater pieces, video art and ritual ceremonies.

Baba Zula's seventh album, "Gecekondu" - the Turkish term for neighborhoods built without permits - was released last year by German label Essay. Another of the label's artists, Shantel, will appear at the Barby a day after Baba Zula. Shantel merges electronic and gypsy music.