"There's no way and no chance to stop the Iranian nuclear program," Republican U.S. Congressman and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra told the independent American news site Newsmax in an interview on Tuesday.

The Congressman, who has access to top secret information, indicated that an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would be "incredibly difficult and complex."

Hoekstra explained that while Israel's attack on a Syrian complex in 2007 completely destroyed in a single blow what the committee believes was a nuclear reactor located at a remote site, the case with Iran is entirely different.

"In Iran you'd have to make multiple attacks against very difficult targets, with very precision bombing. That's very very difficult," he said.

When asked if the United States would be involved if Israel was to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, Hoekstra replied that "It might, because if Israel decides to attack Iran's nuclear facilities it would have to be a broad-based attack and a pretty extensive attack."

Hoekstra added: "What we have learned, or what the Iranians have learned from previous strikes or previous activities, is that what they need to do is separate out their nuclear facilities so they don't have them all in one place. You can't hit a particular location and say we have dealt a death blow to the Iranian nuclear program, so they've dispersed their facilities."

Regarding the U.S army's Strategic Studies Institute's assessment that Iran will obtain enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb before the end of the year, Hoekstra stated that "Our information is limited. What we know is that they are committed to producing nuclear arms, we know of their intentions to develop capabilities to launch nuclear arms and that their technological knowledge in the field of developing and manufacturing missiles continues to improve."

"Iran is a threat to the stability of the Middle East, and countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel fear what it may do," said Hoekstra.