A number of Israeli musicians, actors and politicians have designed their own masks in a show of solidarity with psychological trauma victims, which will be displayed in a Tel Aviv exhibition during World Mental Health Week.

The masks, designed by key public figures such the musicians Idan Raichel, Shlomo Artzi  Eyal Gefen, and Dana Berger, actors Gila Almagore, Yuval Caspin and Tom Avni, and politician Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer, will be displayed at Tel Aviv's Cameri Theater starting on Thursday.

The masks will be displayed alongside others designed by dozens of psychological trauma victims.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC) aims to help break the common societal stigmas regarding trauma victims, and aims to "unmask" the real people behind the stigmas.

Amitim, a program run within the IACC, is responsible for the initiative, and works to provide psychological trauma victims with effective ways to integrate into Israeli society.

"We at the IACC believe that a community at its best is one that gives everyone in society a place. The Amitim program which aims to integrate psychological trauma victims into society year-round represents the vision of the IACC through its daily activities, ” said Eitan Mizrahi, CEO of the IACC.

“The goal of the exhibition is to overcome the social obstacles and to enable ourselves to get closer to those under the mask which prevents us from understanding them and treating them equally," Mizrahi added.