When it was broadcast at the beginning of 2010, the first season of "Taxi Driver" stood out among other shows in the landscape. A murky feeling enveloped this series about a neighborhood in some undefined outlying area of Israel; it wasn't clear when it was taking place, and it was characterized by an atmosphere bordering on that special combination known as a boureka in Israeli entertainment - slapstick comedy combined with melodrama. Although Channel 2 broadcast reruns of the show, which first played on Yes cable, it seemed "Taxi Driver" could not survive on commercial television. But since then, things seem to have changed.

There are new examples of the neighborhood genre on television, including the film "The Dealers." We've become accustomed by the comedy "Zanzuri" to an obvious lack of realism, and limits have been stretched. Tonight the second season of "Taxi Driver" begins on Yes Comedy, written and starring Yuval Segal. In the current season, we encounter the characters about a year after the first season ended.

"Taxi Driver" is about five central figures, friends since childhood, 35 to 40 years old, who have remained in the same neighborhood and work for a local taxi service. The previous season dealt mainly with this group of childish men: a gambler (Aviahu, played by Yoram Toledano ); an amateur actor with serious complexes (Elisha, played by Dvir Benedek ); an eternal bachelor (Yigal, played by Segal ); a man so pathologically jealous about his wife that he refuses to have children (Herzl, portrayed by Danny Shteg ); and another friend who owns a failing business and who is nicknamed "Shit" (played by Kobi Marciano ). It follows their slow progress toward maturity and the bourgeois life.

This season offers a slightly different scenario. Yigal and Fanny have a six-month-old girl who was born exactly when Shit's son was born. Jealous Herzl and his wife, the divorcee Anat, are expecting a child. Aviahu is no longer a gambler and Elisha, in search of himself, tries to commit suicide with Tylenol after finally understanding that he will never be a professional actor. Against this background, Victor and Baruch, Fanny's brothers, return from Russia with mail order brides; Fuad and Hagit, the mother of Shit's son, share an apartment and a close bond with him.

Some time in 2013 this season will be broadcast on Channel 2 as well. Until then, this mix of slapstick, melodrama and the neighborhood will belong exclusively to Yes viewers.

"Taxi Driver," Yes Comedy. 20:45