Haaretz workers are planning to strike from 4 P.M. to midnight on Wednesday, in protest over the planned dismissal of up to 100 employees and the claim that management is not negotiating with them over the firings and other cutbacks.

The sanctions may affect publication of Thursday's Haaretz newspaper in both Hebrew and English, but are not expected to affect Friday's paper.The newspaper's Internet sites will also be affected.

The journalists union has called a meeting of all employees for 4 P.M. and instructed them not to work during it, and also not to return to work after it. Last week, employees called a shorter strike that lasted two and a half hours, including a mass meeting of employees and a demonstration that partially blocked Tel Aviv's Schocken Street.

Haaretz publisher Amos Schocken said that not only has management related seriously to the union's suggestions, it has even adopted several of them. But the paper must adhere to its budget, he said, and the layoffs, which in any case are being implemented gradually, won't stop.

"It is regrettable that the union doesn't understand that something has happened in the newspaper industry that requires adapting expenditures to the reality of the business," Schocken added. "The decision to strike will not strengthen Haaretz, but weaken it."