In the next few days Israel is to become the crossroads of three weather systems approaching from different regions, each bringing increasingly wintry conditions.

The winter wonderland is expected to peak on Tuesday and Wednesday, when snow may fall not only on Mount Hermon and the Golan Heights but in the central region as well.

Meteo-Tech meteorologists are forecasting a relatively mild weekend as a prelude to the wintry weather next week. Today will become increasingly cloudy with rainfall in various regions. Temperatures will drop by 2-3 degrees and light rain will fall during the night.

Tomorrow will be cloudy with light rain especially in the north, while the center and south will be hazy with strong winds.

Toward night, a cold air system will approach from Greece, bringing stronger rain that will spread from the north to the Negev, accompanied by thunderstorms. The showers will continue on Sunday all over the country, probably amounting to dozens of millimeters or more, Meteo-Tech predicted.

Temperatures will drop on Sunday by 4-7 degrees Celsius compared to Friday and Saturday, Meteo-Tech forecasts. For example, Tel Aviv is expected to reach a high of 19 degrees on Saturday, but drop to 15 degrees on Sunday. In mountainous areas like Jerusalem it will drop from 16 degrees on Saturday to 9 on Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday will continue to be cold and wet, due to another weather system arriving from Eastern Europe. The wintry peak is expected to arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“It is possible that on those days cold air from Russia will enter our region. If it is cold enough, which isn’t entirely clear yet, it may snow not only on the Hermon and Golan but on central mountains as well,” said Meteo-Tech’s Nahum Malik yesterday.

Malik said the expected precipitation may exceed 100 millimeters. However the storm will pale in comparison to one in December that featured wind gales of more than 100 kilometers per hour. This time the winds may reach 50 kilometers per hour, he said.

Until now precipitation amounts in most parts of the country have been relatively meager. The Meteorological Service reported that only 33 percent of the multi-year rain-amount average had fallen by the end of January. In Tel Aviv the average rain amount has been only 52 percent, while in the Upper Galilee the average rainfall has been 65 percent.