Three Israelis were arrested on Wednesday at the Southampton port in Britain on suspicion of trying to smuggle over six tons of hashish, according to reports revealed on Wednesday.

Police have called this one of the world's largest hash raids. Apparently, the drugs were purchased for hundreds of thousands of dollars and were expected to sell for some $15 million.

According to the suspicions, the three Israelis obtained the hash in Morocco and brought it with them to the British coast on a ship carrying Israeli and foreign sailors.

The police have been on the trail of these three suspects for the last year and a half. The suspects were identified as Hazi Serbero, 57, Moshe Kaidar, 81, and Mordechai Hirsch, 67.

Serbero is suspected of smuggling the illicit drugs on Kaidar's ship with Hirsch's assistance.

Five others are suspected of involvement in the crime - four of the Pakistani nationals and the fifth from the Balkans.