Sheba Medical Center geneticists have found that a population of Indians in the U.S. state of Colorado has genetic Jewish roots going back to the expulsion of Jews from Spain. The common marker was a unique genetic mutation on the BRCA1 gene. This mutation, commonly known as the "Ashkenazi mutation," is found in Jews of Ashkenazi origin and is associated with an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Israel's Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced on Wednesday his intention to indict Haaretz journalist Uri Blau for possession of classified Israel Defense Forces documents. Although the charges include the terms "severe espionage," Blau is not charged with an espionage offense.

Former senior U.S. diplomat Dennis Ross confirmed for the first time that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has explicitly warned the U.S. that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia will seek to do so as well.

The unprecedentedly sophisticated Flame computer virus not only stole large quantities of information from various Iranian government agencies, but apparently even disrupted its oil exports by shutting down oil terminals, according to the information security firm Symantec Israel.

Next month, for the first time in Israel, works by Richard Wagner will be performed in concert by a full symphony orchestra. The event will break the boycott against Wagner's work that has prevailed since 1938, when the Eretz Yisrael Symphony Orchestra (later the Israel Philharmonic) stopped performing his music in late 1938, following the Kristallnacht pogroms.

Israel has announced that it is prepared to recognize Reform and Conservative community leaders as rabbis and fund their salaries. Rabbis belonging to either stream will be classified as "rabbis of non-Orthodox communities." The attorney general advised the High Court that the state will begin equally financing non-Orthodox rabbis in regional councils and farming communities that are interested in doing so.

Soldiers in the navy are now participating in a contest to test their knowledge of the laws of kashrut, with the prize being a "fun day" - a day devoted to some kind of leisure activity - for everyone on the winner's ship. Parents of soldiers serving in the navy's missile boats have recently complained about what they term the trend of "growing religious coercion".

The Palestinian Authority was expected to ask UNESCO on Wednesday to recognize the West Bank village of Batir as a World Heritage site and prevent the construction of the separation fence there. Haaretz has obtained a copy of the request, which seeks to preserve the village's ancient agricultural terraces.