News Israel firmly rejects ICJ fence ruling The judges declared the construction of the fence a violation of international law, called for the immediate end to its building, demanded that existing sections be razed, and said Palestinian civilians suffering damage must be compensated. (11/07/04)

Friends unwavering in Israel's support, foes praise ICJ's verdict New York Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer joined Israel's Ambassador to the UN, Danny Gillerman, in front of UN headquarters to denounce ICJ ruling. (11/07/04)

Palestinians rejoice at fence decision Although the ruling is only advisory, Arafat compared it to the international will that led to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. "This wall will be removed to build our own state," Arafat said. (11/07/04)

Despite court rulings, fence construction work continues apace The clearer the court's statement is, the more sharply it is contradicted by reality. Despite the ruling of both the Israeli High Court of Justice and The Hague, the work on the fence in Jerusalem is continuing almost as usual. (11/07/04)

New fence route to run close to the Green Line The IDF and the Defense Ministry will present within two weeks the new route for the separation fence to replace the one that was rejected by the High Court of Justice. (06/07/04)

High Court ruling on the separation fence The June 30th High Court of Justice ruling on Beit Sourik Village Council vs. The Government of Israel and The Commander of the IDF Forces in the West Bank. (01/07/04)

Court nixes route of fence near J'lem The state must reroute 30 kilometers of a 40-kilometer stretch of the separation fence northwest of Jerusalem, the High Court of Justice ruled yesterday. (01/07/04)

Separation fence forces expanded UN food program A Palestinian community's proximity to the separation fence is one of four criteria for determining an operational area for the UN's World Food Program Assistance in the territories. (30/06/04)

Opinion and Editorials Between Jerusalem and The Hague The negative decision of the ICJ on the fence was expected. The nature of the mandate the court received from the UN General Assembly, and the makeup of the panel of judges, were early hints at the expected results. Editorial (11/07/04)

What really influences the High Court There's no way to know what really influenced the High Court justices when they decided last week to cancel 30 kilometers of the separation fence route that cuts through Palestinian areas northwest of Jerusalem. Amira Hass (08/07/04)

Let's dismantle the fence In the final analysis, people who during cooler days understood that building a separation fence, or wall, is an act of despair made do with a lukewarm battle for the "route." Yoel Esteron (07/07/04)

Court upheld fence building for security reasons The justices, understanding the sensitivity of judicial intervention in such cases, stressed that the cabinet itself had decided the route must take Palestinian needs into account. Ze'ev Segal (01/07/04)

Fencing in the fence The Palestinian public at large doesn't want the fence along any route whatsoever, and neither is the Palestinian Authority very enthusiastic, to put it mildly, about the principle of erecting walls and fences between Israel and the territories. Danny Rubinstein (01/07/04)

Features Arab wall of silence surrounds the fence While Arab MKs are joining the hunger strike and submitting no-confidence motion in the cabinet after the Hague court ruling, from the Israeli Arab street the fence appears mainly a Palestinian problem. Yair Ettinger (11/07/04)

Wall annexes Rachel's Tomb, imprisons Palestinian families Huge concrete fortifications around Rachel's Tomb are severing the main road and writing a new history. The direct road from Jerusalem to Hebron is no more. Lily Galili (11/07/04)

Till barriers do them part Together, the West Bank separation fence, the Law of Citizenship and the curfew are breaking down and restructuring marriages in Arab society. Yair Ettinger (09/07/04)

A PLO Internet site makes a moderate pitch to the West The Web site,, provides information and reasoned arguments in favor of the Palestinian cause for supporters throughout the world. Aluf Benn (18/02/04)

Background and Analysis Israel's image dealt a hard blow In the long run, the judges' decision in The Hague damages Israel's legitimacy and portrays it as a criminal state that has been acting contrary to international law for 37 years in the territories. Aluf Benn (11/07/04)

This is not how you judge a wall In the long run, the judges' decision in The Hague damages Israel's legitimacy and portrays it as a criminal state that has been acting contrary to international law for 37 years in the territories. Ze'ev Segal (11/07/04)

Arafat's relatively quiet day of rage While thousands participated in the rallies in Palestinian towns and cities, only a few hundred youths tried to get close to the fence itself. Amos Harel (24/02/04)