The daily chronicle of exchanges of fire between IDF soldiers and Palestinian fighters, F-16 bombing raids and missile firings, terror attacks and assassinations has turned negotiations on a final-status agreement into a distant memory.

Anyone who reads the European Union account of the Taba talks, revealed here by Akiva Eldar, will find it hard to believe that only 13 months ago, Israel and the Palestinians were so close to a peace agreement.

This document, whose main points have been approved by the Taba negotiators as an accurate description of the discussions, casts further doubts on the prevailing assumption that former prime minister Ehud Barak "exposed Yasser Arafat's true face."

Text of the EU version of the permanent status talks at Taba

Dispute over Ma'aleh Adumim

How long is the Western Wall?

Symbols of sovereignty

A negative balance of return