Justice Theodor Or Theodor Or was born in Poland in 1934 and moved to Palestine in 1936. After completing his law studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as an excelling student, he worked for 10 years as a lawyer in a private firm. He began his career as a judge in December 1967.

From the Afula Magistrate's Court he moved to the Nazareth District Court where he also served as the deputy president. He was appointed to the Supreme Court in May 1989.

The first "Or Commission" looked into reforming the court system while it is expected that the findings of this eponymous commission will have historic consequences.

Judge Hashim Khatib Judge Hashim Khatib replaced Judge Sahal Jarah, the deputy president of the district courts, in June 2001 when Jarah was forced to quit the Or Commission due to health reasons. Khatib was born in Kafr Yousuf in 1941 and graduated from Hebrew University in 1965. He worked for a law firm for 18 years before joining the Acre Magistrate's Court in 1994. He was appointed to the Nazareth District Court some five years ago.

Prof. Shimon Shamir Orientalist Prof. Shimon Shamir was born in Transylvania and studied Modern Middle East and Arabic Language and Literature at Hebrew University and Oriental Studies at Princeton University. He helped found Tel Aviv University's Department of Middle Eastern and African History. The former ambassador to Egypt and Jordan has written a number of books on the Middle East and is a staunch supporter of normalizing ties with Arab countries.