During the course of the New Year, it is impossible not to wonder at the achievements of the year that has just ended:

Our prime minister, who senior police officers and experienced state prosecution officials found to be seriously flawed and even advocated putting on trial for a series of serious crimes, was found to be spotlessly clean when his case was examined by the empowered authority.

The prime minister's son, who invidious journalists, jurists and investigators accused of criminal behavior, was found to be innocent of any wrongdoing, and his rare financial talents were given an endorsement.

The prime minister, who for years flooded the territories with settlements in order to make them inseparable from Israel, returned to the path of the righteous and initiated the Gaza disengagement plan.

In his determination to carry out the disengagement plan, the prime minister is displaying leadership that is unparalleled in the world today. So adamant is he to execute his plan that on the way he is ignoring his party's stance, distorting procedures and violating the rules of the democratic game.

Ministers Silvan Shalom, Benjamin Netanyahu and Limor Livnat all accepted the prime minister's position and agreed to the wording of the decision on the disengagement plan that he brought to the cabinet for approval.

Ministers Silvan Shalom, Benjamin Netanyahu and Limor Livnat all accepted the verdict of the movement, and did not lift a finger to help the prime minister pass his proposal through the various organs of the Likud.

The government acquiesced to the High Court of Justice, and altered the route of the separation fence.

The prime minister and his senior ministers sent out calming messages to the settlers, declaring their determination to include large settlement blocs inside the separation fence - blocs that are not inside the current route of the fence.

The public security minister, who overstepped the mark and perhaps even broke the law in the plentiful number of political appointments he made at the Environment Ministry, volunteered to suspend himself from his position only because the state comptroller found his behavior to be unacceptable.

The civil service commissioner did not hesitate for even a moment when the minister's appointments scandal came to light, immediately and unreservedly ordering an investigation into all political appointments in the civil service.

The leader of Shinui proved how conceptual pluralism could exist inside one man and bravely implemented the liberal principles that his party espouses, by reversing his refusal to sit in the same government as ultra-Orthodox parties.

The defense minister declared that Israel should not rule over another nation. That is also the latest opinion of the deputy prime minister.

Even though the head of the National Security Council had serious misgivings regarding the disengagement plan, he was appointed head of the team responsible for implementing it.

The finance minister pointed to the favorable economic indicators and insisted that they are an accurate reflection of the state of the economy and the society. He expressed regret regarding the plight of the weak sectors of society, and explained it as the inescapable price that must be paid on the road to economic redemption.

Iran's nuclear program is the most substantial and largest security threat currently hovering over the country, according to the latest assessments by the chief of staff and the head Military Intelligence, as published in the holiday newspapers. The Israeli answer is the Ofek-6 spy satellite and the Arrow missile. The former dropped into the sea, and the latter disappeared in the atmosphere. But, according to defense establishment officials, these were merely localized and predictable failures, which do not affect Israel's ability to defend itself.

The Yesha Council of West Bank and Gaza settlements announced that it intends to warmly embrace the general public, during its public relations campaign against the disengagement plan, and that warnings issued by its leader of an impending civil war were taken out of context.

Hundreds of thousands of people spent the holiday out of doors as if there was no terror; anyone who mentioned the events in the territories over the weekend was branded a serial party-pooper.