Shortly after the High Court of Justice rebuked the government for contempt of court for failing to evacuate the illegal outpost of Migron, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is back to his old habits.

On Monday Netanyahu told Defense Minister Ehud Barak not to carry out an evacuation order for a new settlement that was set up in the heartland of the Palestinian population in Hebron.

Netanyahu is ignoring the West Bank military prosecutor's opinion, which stipulates that the settlers' presence threatens to disrupt the delicate status quo between the Israeli and Palestinian communities and cause casualties.

In addition to warning of violence, the opinion stresses that the law in Judea and Samaria prohibits seizing real estate without the authorities' approval. The law states that even if the settlers bought the property, they may not use it without a permit from the Civil Administration.

Netanyahu's inappropriate intervention shows he does not understand that the law in Hebron is not the law in Tel Aviv. A state that does not allow a Hebron resident to settle in Tel Aviv cannot allow a Tel Avivian to settle in Hebron.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat also spares no effort to undermine the delicate balance between Israel and the Palestinians, while citing "the principle of equality" in vain. Barkat has decided to advance the Kidmat Zion neighborhood in East Jerusalem, yet another enterprise financed by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz in his drive to Judaize East Jerusalem.

The High Court recently denied the Husseini family's petition against building a Jewish neighborhood in the Shepherd Hotel compound in East Jerusalem, on land which they claim to own, thus paving the way for the extremist Moskowitz to establish yet another disputed neighborhood.

Fifteen years ago, in Netanyahu's previous term as prime minister, (under pressure from the American administration ) he ordered the settlers to evacuate Ras al Amud, a neighborhood Moskowitz had started building in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu maintained the evacuation "serves the unity of the holy city, the nation's unity and the continuation of the peace process."

Alarmingly, the settlers' influence on the government has overpowered these interests. If Barak gives in yet again to the thugs and their political patrons, he will be accomplice to trampling peace and prostituting the rule of law.