Three issues have been at the heart of the public agenda over the past month, and a thread of hypocrisy is woven into the public discourse on all through. This thread is stitched through both sides of the political map.

Each of the three issues – the decision to grant the Ariel University Center, located in the Israeli settlement of Ariel, the status of a university; the dismissal of Civic Education Inspector Adar Cohen from the Education Ministry; and the changes in Keren Neubach’s radio program, “Seder Yom” – are qualitatively similar.
According to right-wingers, these decisions were purely professional. After all, the Council for Higher Education in Judea and Samaria had been looking into the academic standard of the college in Ariel for years and saw fit to christen it a full-fledged university. They also claim that the decision to dismiss Adar Cohen had nothing to do with his left-wing politics and was a professional decision motivated by

Cohen's many mistakes, including approving textbooks that were full of errors.
They further claim that the decision to put an additional broadcaster on Keren Neubach’s radio program in order to balance her opinions was made for professional reasons. After all, listen to the political agenda on the major stations Israel Radio and Army Radio. In six hours of daily broadcast time devoted to current affairs and a variety of broadcasters, the voice of the right-wing is almost completely silent save for a single program, the hour-long “Hamilah Ha’aharona.”

There is no corresponding right-wing broadcaster for Israel Radio legal analyst Moshe Negbi, nor are there are right-wing broadcasters balancing hosts Razi Barkai, Rino Tzror or Yael Dan. So the decision to balance “Seder Yom” is portrayed as expressing a desire for media justice and an attempt to promote pluralism in the media.

The left wing insists these decisions were politically motivated, and thus infuriating. In their opinion, the decision to upgrade Ariel University Center was a political one, since there are no clear criteria for turning a college into a university. They also claim, with good reason, that the decision to dismiss Adar Cohen was politically motivated, since he promoted a politically controversial textbook, and this was the real reason for his dismissal. They further claim that the decision to add another broadcaster in order to balance Neubach, who is a first-rate professional broadcaster, is tainted with ulterior political motives as well.

The left wing is correct – these were political decisions. The right wing used a formalist position to push its views. But the left wing’s hypocrisy screams to high heaven every bit as loudly as the right wing’s sanctimoniousness. The voice of the left wing went unheard for years when the right wing used those same formal rules for its own purposes.

We saw no tears, heard no howls of McCarthyism, the end of democracy or the ruin of the country when Yuli Tamir, then education minister, dismissed Esther Brand. Brand, Cohen's predecessor who lived in the settlement of Kedumim, was tossed aside merely because her political views differed from her Tamir's.

That did not look like a purely professional decision. But that is the rule of the hypocrites of the left wing: A dismissal is only “politically motivated” if the person who has been fired is a darling of the left. If he is not, then it stems from pure professionalism.

In a democracy, disputes are generally put to a vote, and the elected majority runs the state by means of its representatives. But for many years after the right wing came to power, it refrained from pushing its world view.

While it is true that the right wing is now in power, is has refrained from exerting control. This amazing paradox, which has to do with the sick relationship between the elected right-wing officials and the post-Zionist elite, is like that of a slave and his master.

The arrogance of the left wing, which controls the institutions of the elite, has led the greatest generation of the right wing to ingratiate themselves to the enlightened left. That is why a generation of the Likud princes has suffered an ideological collapse.

They got their sense of justice and satisfaction not from the love of the nation but from the stroking of the media.

But this generation is being replaced with another. There is a new generation of Zionists on the rise and they understand that it is not enough to win elections, they must also fulfill their mission and govern.

In the end, the job of an elected official is to promote the ideology in whose name he won the votes. Therefore, when the left wing (or the right wing, affected by a slave consciousness) is elected, Jews are driven from their homes. When the right wing is elected, it promotes the academy in Ariel.

Don’t like it? Stop whining and win the next election.