Nuli Omer and Noa Maiman have left the country. They informed their friends on the net as to the reasons. One moved to a place where there is a freer press; the other, because of the culture of "Bibi-brutishness." Isolated incidents of emigration have often occurred. However, these are not isolated incidents.

In the early 1980's, Jerusalem was more vibrant than Tel Aviv. However, the writing was on the wall. The Jerusalem weekly, Kol Ha'ir, used to publish for Rosh Hashanah the numbers of those beginning elementary school. In so doing, it recorded the growing young-religious-extremist majority. When people began to realize that the situation was irreversible, a trickle began that became a flood. The non-extremist-religious public left and headed west. Some of Tel Aviv's current vitality stems from the collapse of liberal life elsewhere in the country, and the ensuing internal migration.

In the first grades now - among those defined in Israel as Jews - a majority is once again being consolidated. It's no longer "only" Jerusalem, it's all of Israel. The country is funding and subsidizing religious or Haredi education for most children. And not moderate religious education. Among the vast majority, boys and girls study in separate classes, never see a secular person, and receive a racist-religious-extremist-anti-liberal education, whose inevitable result is the violent events in Zion Square and the Latrun Monastery.

The moment the public comprehends the irreversible nature of the process, the outcome will be clear. When this irreversibility joins daily pogroms in Israel; the racist atmosphere that has become the face of the country; the growing diplomatic boycott due to racism and the occupation - the trickle will become a flood. The enlightened population will leave Israel and move west, as was the case with Jerusalem.

The right-wing inciters to an Iranian war talk about the Iranian bomb as something that will bring about the emigration of liberals from Israel. But the bomb is already here. It's the Israeli bomb. The racist-extremist-anti-liberal atmosphere that has replaced Israel will soon lead to the active emigration of liberals from Israel. The emigration need not be en masse in order to create irreversible change. At the start of Hitler's regime about 1,000 Jewish scientists and socialists, including Albert Einstein, were forced to leave. In one fell swoop, the scientific center of the world moved from Weimar to America.

The current process was not inevitable from the start. The entire essence of the modern liberal state - including the Zionist movement - was to confront the "church" and its education, and to promote and support only modern non-religious and certainly non-racist education. The countries of the Middle East behaved differently. A weak non-religious government bought political quiet for a while, paying for a huge amount of religious-extremist education on condition they wouldn't interfere with governance. And in that way, one madrasa after another, the non-religious countries have been swallowed up by religion from Afghanistan to Egypt. In Israel, the process is worse because at the start it did not have a large religious-racist community. Our insane hothouse conditions created the flowers of evil that are devouring Israel.

We are probably confronting a final moment. The moment that realization of the irreversibility and the inability to change things spreads, emigration and the collapse of the liberal bubble that maintains Israel will soon follow. The upcoming elections may be the last opportunity to halt the demographic-racist process that is deliberately strangling the rest of Israel. Like the free press that is being strangled - the same will be true of all of Israel.

This is the last moment. Anyone who can set aside petty issues for a moment will benefit. There is no room for personal quarrels and past feuds. The objective is a dual one: high voter turnout, and a genuine merger of forces after the elections, in order to create a 61-seat majority that is not from the religious-right-extremist world that is devouring Israel. Tzipi Livni, Ehud Olmert, Ehud Barak, Shelly Yacimovich, Shaul Mofaz, Yair Lapid, and even moderates in Likud who understand the significance of the moment - nobody is disqualified if he is willing to enlist to fight the danger to Israel's very existence.

The dual objective is not beyond reach. The religious right received 65 seats thanks to poor voter turnout among moderates. The hope and the fury that created the 2011 social protests; the existential danger in the face of the dominant extremist atmosphere - including arrogant foreign policies that isolate Israel - could create a majority in the Knesset - a "revolution of 61." A revolution that must give rise to a non-religious, non-racist government - including Likud moderates after the party's defeat - that will stop subsidizing and nurturing the racist-extremist hothouse.