The dominant figure behind Heftsiba for the past 20 years is Boaz Yona, 47. He is married with three children and has houses in Jerusalem and Kfar Shmaryahu.

He recently became the chairman of the company, while his father, Mordechai Yona, was named president. Mordechai is a former head of the Contractors Association.

Boaz is the second of a total of five brothers and sisters in the Yona family, and has worked for Heftsiba since 1981 after he finished his army service.

At the time his older brother Eyal was already working for the company.

However, Boaz later received Heftsiba while Eyal was given control of Marlaz, another real estate firm specializing in income-producing property.

Heftsiba is named after their mother.

Boaz's wife Tamar also works for the firm as an interior designer. He has never had any formal higher education, claiming that he has learned from his father and from life in general. He calls himself an autodidact.

Eyal, who now controls real estate firm Gmul, has repeatedly told the media in the past few days that he has no connection with Heftsiba.()