10) Delila Hatuel, fencing: "I guess I lost because of the pressure."

9) Arik Ze'evi, judo: "In the days before the competition, I cried too much, like a pregnant woman."

8) Itai Magidi, hurdles: "I hurt my knee, and my preparation wasn't good. Even now, I'm limping and can barely stand on my left leg."

7) Tomer Or, fencing: "Udi, my coach, told me something, but I didn't feel confident about it so I did something else and lost. It suits me; leading but not winning."

6) Yoni Erlich, tennis: "There's a lot of pressure in the Olympics, it's not just Andy [doubles partner Andy Ram] and Yoni - there's an entire country behind you."

5) Alexandr Shatilov, gymnastics: "This is the first time I've fallen like that."

4) Alex Ashkenazi, judoka Gal Yekutiel's coach: "Gal had a mental problem. Even if he had made the quarterfinal he would have only taken fifth place. It's not the first time he's lost the battle for the bronze."

3) Niki Palli, high jump: "After I hit 2.20, my leg suddenly started to hurt."

2) Guy Starik, shooting: "Right as I was shooting a gust of wind came. I knew right away it would be ninth place. What can you do?"

1) Sergei Weisbrod, Shatilov's coach: "It's all politics. It's because of the Korean judge - he wants the Asian guy in the final."