Nine workers escape unharmed from the former Alhambra theater building, which has been undergoing renovations.

Nine workers were saved from a burning building belonging to the religious group Scientology in Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning. Arson is suspected as the cause of the fire.

The building, which used to house the Alhambra theater, was purchased by a group of people representing the religious group Scientology. The building was not in active use as it was undergoing renovations.

Nine construction workers were sleeping on the top floor of the building at the time of the incident. The fire broke out on the floor beneath the sleeping workers.

The fire spread to the stairwell, preventing the workers from escaping the building on their own. Firefighters that arrived on the scene successfully overcame the blaze and save the workers.

An investigator that arrived at the scene of the fire said that upon first examination it would seem that the cause of the fire was arson.