The Tel Aviv District Court yesterday rejected an appeal by Brig. Gen. Imad Fares against his forced discharge from the Israel Defense Forces.

Fares argued that the decision on his discharge, made by GOC Northern Command Gadi Eizenkot and then-Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, violated army procedures. Specifically, he claimed, the two officers lied to him and failed to afford him a proper hearing.

Fares was ousted from the IDF following an incident two and a half years ago, in which his wife drove his army-issue vehicle and caused an accident. Fares was not in the car with her, in violation of army regulations, which require the officer to whom the car is assigned to be in the car even if he is not driving. Fares then submitted a false report to the Military Police, claiming he was in the car.

Judge Kobi Vardi ruled yesterday that Fares' appeal was groundless, since he did not dispute that he lied to his commanders, and the discharge was therefore justified.

Fares' attorney, Avi Amiram, said afterward that the court ignored 90 percent of the information Fares gave it - information that he claims put the decision to dismiss Fares in a bad light. "As far as I'm concerned, we're going to appeal," Amiram added.