Tel Aviv's district court indicted Idan Anuri with the attempted murder of a young woman in the center of Tel Aviv two months ago.

According to the indictment, Anuri carried out the attempted murder in revenge for his being fired. He was also indicted for aggravated robbery.

Anuri began to work in the Born to Freedom Foundation, which works to assist families of MIA soldiers, in December of 2007. In November of 2009, the victim of the attack was preparing a list of work shifts, when Anuri yelled and threatened her. Because of this incident, Anuri was fired from his job. It was following this incident that Anura made a plan to kill the victim under the guise of a robbery.

According to the prosecutor in the case, Anura planned the attack for months, reading relevant information on the internet and acquiring knives an additional equipment to prepare. In September of 2010, Anura bought a motorcycle and registered it under another name using a stolen identity card.

On February sixth, Anuri followed the victim, who had gotten off the bus in the center of Tel Aviv. He attacked the victim, kicking and punching her. The victim attempted to defend herself, but Anura began to stab her in the face, stomach and back. Anuri fled the scene after he was interrupted by a passerby. The victim had to be hospitalized for two weeks and undergo surgery.