This recipe is from Haaretz's archives.

A surprising and enjoyable variation on the classic dish, which is usually made with apples or pears. The dish can be prepared as a large cake or in individual portions. Most of the simple tart can be prepared in advance, and it should be completed right before serving. It only needs a few minutes of baking.

15-20 juicy medjool dates
a little butter for greasing the skillet
10 hazelnuts
200 gm. puff pastry made with butter,
rolled out

Pit the dates by making a slit in one side, and restore the opening to its original shape. Slice each date lengthwise into two or three slices.

Butter a 26-centimeter skillet that will fit into the oven. Scatter the hazelnuts over the skillet and place the date slices close together on it. Cut a circle from the dough, the same diameter as the skillet, and place it over the dates. The edges of the dough should touch the edges of the skillet and completely cover the dates.

Place the skillet on a medium flame and fry for 5-7 minutes, until the edges of the dough become slightly browned. Transfer the skillet to an oven preheated to 160 degrees for 15 minutes, until the surface of the dough is also brown.

Turn the cake over carefully onto a serving platter and serve hot, with a little raw tehini or crumbs of high-quality sheep’s feta cheese.