Syria accused Israel on Saturday of making excuses for war by spreading false reports that an alleged Israel Air Force strike earlier this month targeted a nuclear facility.

Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Shara said his country did not want war "in the distant or near future."

"They (Israel) are making up things to justify an aggression in the future. They are playing on public opinion to mislead it," he said, describing the reports as fabrications.

"Everything reported about this raid is wrong and is part of a psychological warfare that will not fool Syria," Shara told reporters after meeting his Iraqi counterpart Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

Damascus says Israel launched the air raid on September 6, bombing an empty area after air defense systems confronted the aircraft. According to reports in the foreign press, however, the air strike apparently destroyed a nuclear reactor built under the auspices of North Korea.

Damascus and North Korea have denied any nuclear cooperation.

Shara said the raid was also aimed at boosting the morale of the Israel Defense Forces in the wake of the Second Lebanon War.

"They want to rehabilitate the Israeli army after the Lebanese resistance broke it," he said. "But what Israel needs is to rehabilitate the Israeli mind, only then will a real opportunity for genuine peace be created."

The United States, Israel's chief ally, has said it would invite Syria to an international conference in November to try to revive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

Shara said the meeting would not succeed without pressure on Israel to withdraw from all the Arab land it occupied in 1967 in exchange for peace, including the Golan.

"Anything else and the meeting will be worthless," he said "We don't need more photo opportunities."