An IDF jeep was hit by a bullet from Syria near the Syria-Israel border on Monday evening. No one was injured in the incident, but the vehicle was damaged.

The jeep in question is used by a commander of the IDF's Golani brigade, an officer with the grade of lieutenant colonel. The officer was driving the vehicle at the time that the bullet hit.

It seems that one stray bullet hit the vehicle. An IDF source said that this was the result of "mistaken fire by Syrian rebels."

On Sunday, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz toured the border, and told troops in the area to stay on alert. Speaking to his commanders during the tour, he said that the fighting in Syria may spill over into Israel, describing "a Syrian issue that is likely to become our issue."

On day earlier, on Saturday, three Syrian tanks crossed the demilitarized border in the Golan Heights, only several kilometers away from the Israeli border.

The tanks entered the buffer zone on Saturday afternoon, when Israel Defense Forces soldiers identified the Syrian tanks near Beer Ajam village in the Syrian-controlled central Golan Heights.

Following the unusual incident, the IDF heightened its alert level in the area and lodged a complaint with the United Nations.

The IDF later said that the reason the tanks entered the buffer zone was due to the internal fighting in Syria.