The Dutch apparently stole, or at least drew influence, from curry-chicken salad, with mayonnaise, from their colonies in Indonesia. Whatever its origins, this is a tasty, unconventional salad that will appeal to lovers of Asian cuisine, and particularly to those who enjoy the mixture of fruit and meat.


500 grams of chicken breast, chopped in small cubes

A tablespoon of vegetable oil

Half a cup of mayonnaise, best if home-made

One green apple, chopped in small cubes

A cup of pineapple, cut in small cubes

A teaspoon of fresh curry powder

A spoonful of coriander seeds

One green onion A handful of black raisins

Salt and pepper


Heat oil in a pan; when it is hot, fry the chicken cubes, until their color turns to white (too much frying dries the cubes ). The chicken can also be fried in large bits, and then cut after the cooking. Put the cubes in a bowl, and let it cool. When the chicken has cooled, add the other ingredients to it, and mix. Keep cool. The salad is tasty when eaten alone, and excellent when eaten as a sandwich.