For the past four years, the Renuar brand name has had a younger and mischievous sister. In spite of the chain store's refusal to identify the age group to which it caters, Twentyfourseven was clearly started in order to provide varied wardrobes at relatively low prices for fashion-loving teenage girls (in spite of the occasional presence of 40-year-old women in the stores ).

In the case of Twentyfourseven and Renuar, the younger sister is more fun and more exciting, the one that is not afraid to fool around and to dare, and is receiving kudos for doing so because of its young age, which serves as an excuse for almost every random, youthful craze.

The chain's present winter collection was designed for six types of young woman, each of whom has her own unique characteristics, of course. Clearly the greatest enjoyment will come from playing around with the items and mixing and matching them, which will enable interesting and individual combinations.

The Snow Queen is the good girl, the diligent, delicate and gentle student whose wardrobe comes in romantic shades of pink, white and cream. Her closet will include light-colored lace blouses with wavy edges and wrist-hugging sleeves, sweet overalls with ivory buttons and pleats at the waist, glittering waist-length lurex cardigans with a diamond pattern, and even a tailored jacket in pale bubblegum pink, to wear to an important exam.

The antithesis is the Devourer, the wild girl who loves black. Here the chain's designers wanted to create a look that is "tempting and passionate, that will make it possible to express your chutzpah, daring and rough edges." And in short, this is the girl who sits around all morning smoking and then all afternoon in detention. Here, too, there is a use of laces and imitation leather materials, with designs that hint at punk and tight and narrow cuts.

The obligatory item in this line turns out to be a jacket of hard imitation leather, which, more than anything else, conveys the nature of the muse. The Devourer will combine her selection of black shirts with short pants made of a shiny black elastic material with two vertical gold zippers in the front of the pelvis, in a young and flattering style, or alternatively in a high skinny cut, in a shade of gray with a rinse that creates cracks. These pants are also adorned with zippers - this time on the sides of the thighs. And when this girl goes out to have a good time, what will she wear if not a black, tight and defiant mini-dress, covered with sequins?

The image of the "Adult" is meant to describe the wardrobe of the studious one in the group, the nerd if you will. This is hinted at by the preppy look characteristic of the line, which is identified with the clothing of American college students. The varied colors of the models are easy on the eyes. The designs in this department are serene and delicate, not to say respectable.

According to the brand's designers, also to be found on the lawns of the school are the Huntress, the Gatherer and the Lost Tribe. The first likes warm earth tones and furs. The wardrobe of the second, who adopts random trends, is composed of items from the other lines with slight changes, but the corduroy pants in a high and successful cut, which come in a number of refreshing colors such as mustard, turquoise and brick, belong to her alone. The last girl likes to wear clothes with various geometric prints with tribal motifs.

The twentyfourseven winter collection will certainly cause many teenage girls to jump out of bed in the morning, skip to their after-school activities in the afternoon and run to meet their friends in the evening. And only one short, strapless red velvet overall with a heart-shaped key is liable to bring down fashion disgrace on its wearer and a boycott by her classmates.


Prices: Pants and skirts: NIS 160-NIS 250; shirts: NIS 150-NIS 200; knits: NIS 100-NIS 190; jackets: NIS 180-NIS 350; dresses: NIS 190-NIS 260; shoes: NIS 100-NIS 240; jewelry: NIS 16-NIS 170; bags and wallets: NIS 80-NIS 260.