An IDF soldier from the Golani brigade, who stole NIS 1,400 from a Palestinian family in the West Bank city of Jenin, was sentenced yesterday at an IDF tribunal to 28 days in jail. The soldier stole the money last Saturday, while conducting a search in the house. The family filed a complaint with the Civil Administration, following which the company's commanders called together all of the soldiers who took part in the search.

The soldier confessed to the theft, and returned the stolen money. The soldier's battalion commander sentenced him to 28 days in jail, while brigade commander, Colonel Moshe Tamir decided to expel him from the brigade.

Ever since the IDF began increasing its presence in the territories this year, more than 35 cases of army and border police looting have been investigated. At least 11 soldiers have been convicted and sentenced to jail terms, with some being sentenced for 50 days, and even five months. In most of the cases, it was not money that was taken, but video cameras, weapons, computers and jewelry.

Yesterday, it was published that a battalion commander had given several company commanders swords and armor that were confiscated by IDF troops in the Muqata as a token of appreciation for taking part in the mission. The battalion commander, a Lieutenant Colonel, judged three soldiers on counts of looting during Operation Defensive Shield.