The Olim League kicks off for its fourth season tomorrow night in what officials say will be another exciting campaign. The league remains stable at eight teams as FC Anglia replaces England B, which dropped out of the competition.

Top teams this season are expected to be Aviv, England, Jaffa and newcomer Anglia. The other are Ashdod, Ra'anana, Jerusalem and Modi'in.

The increasingly competitive climate in the league expressed itself last season, when both England and Jaffa could not defend their silverware. Instead, Jerusalem won the league trophy while Aviv took the cup. Here is a look at some of the sides that should vie for the top slots:

Aviv City

Staff - Uri Schneider (manager ), Ram Salomon (coach )

Transfers in - Raul, Solo, Misha Ledderman, Yuri Arazi, Daniel Limpke, David Wielunski; transfers out - Adam Jaffe, Richard Binstock

Top star - Raul

Home field - Jaffa Pitch


Staff - Simon Berkley (manager ), Avram Piha (asst. manager )

Transfers in - Sam Silverberg, Sam Rudnick, Benjy Gilbert, Chad Waldman, Nir Tal, Roi Zaltsman; transfers out - David Bernstein

Top star - Esi Bildisola

Home field - Habesht

FC Anglia

Staff - Clifford Corney (manager ), Alex Green (assistant manager )

Transfers in - None

Transfers out - None

Top star - Omri Hamama

Home field - Ramat Aviv University

England FC

Staff - Yoni Sidi (manager ), David Bernstein (assistant manager )

Transfers in - Motti Coleman, Benny and David, Adam Jaffe, Omer Peleg; no transfers out

Top star - Makkason Flo

Home field - Ramat Aviv University