Israel was taken by storm Sunday as heavy snow and rain fell in the north and center of the country, causing Mount Hermon ski resort to shut down.

A snow blizzard throughout northern Israel caused students to be sent home early, due to fears the roads will close.

Snow also reached the West Bank, where Hebron and the surrounding areas experienced snowfall which, according to Palestinian reports, caused heavy traffic jams.

Israel also broke an all-time record for electricity use on Sunday, reaching 11,100 megawatts. The Electricity Company called on Israelis to cut back on consumption after blackouts throughout the country.

The heavy rain has also helped the Kinneret, causing the water level to rise by 3.5 centimeters since Thursday and bringing it to 213.335 centimeters below sea level.

More heavy storms are expected to take place later on Sunday, and rain and possible floods are expected in the Negev and the Judean Desert.

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