Police in Jerusalem detained six women who were praying with the Women of the Wall early Thursday morning – leading them away one by one across the cobbled courtyard and around the corner to a small police station, as hordes of press and onlookers watched, while some snapped photos and video.

All the women were wearing prayer shawls draped across their shoulders. Other women, who had wrapped their smaller, more colorful “female” prayer shawls around their necks like scarves, were not detained.

Thursday’s detentions come a month after Anat Hoffman, a former Jerusalem city councilor who is today the executive director of the Israel Religious Action Center, was arrested while participating in a similar service at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.

She was handcuffed and, when she refused to sign a restraining order that would have prevented her from going to the Wall for 30 days, was held overnight and reportedly denied access to her lawyer.

Hoffman, who is currently in the United States, was not at the Wall on Thursday, but support for her was evidenced by the large crowd that gathered there to do it all over again.