Settler leaders and council heads are considering calling on those carrying out the evacuation of settlements to disobey orders and for the settlers to resist the evacuation.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to take part this evening in a right-wing demonstration in Jerusalem's Zion Square.

As the right wing protest against the evacuation gathers momentum, settler leaders are assuming more radical positions vis-a-vis the evacuation.

Yesha Council deputy chairman Shaul Goldstein told Haaretz on Friday that he can no longer demand that his colleagues obey orders to evacuate settlements, because the evacuation decision was not made democratically. He said that Sharon was ignoring his party's decisions and deceiving the public.

"If Sharon insists on passing that decision, he should either go to elections or hold a referendum. If he reaches a democratic decision, I will respect it despite my objection and call on my colleagues not to disobey orders," he said.

Goldstein said the settlers had warned the defense establishment of the risk of violent clashes between settlers and the evacuating forces, including an armed confrontation. "We have no specific information, but if Yesha settlers can threaten a battalion commander in Karmei Zur, one can only guess how they will treat left wingers and potential evacuators. We can beg our people all day long to refrain from violence, but we have no police, no secret services, no way to coerce them. If anything happens, the blame will fall on those trampling democracy."

Pinhas Wallerstein, chairman of the Binyamin council, said, "there are not many things in my life that I am willing to be killed to prevent from happening ... I won't hurt others, but I am definitely willing to risk my life and even go to jail to prevent the evacuation."

"We will do everything not to have a civil war and to prevent total havoc, but Sharon must understand that our red line in the face of his dictatorship is passing those decisions democratically and going to the people. Otherwise the reality he is trying to create here will transpire as impossible and perhaps disastrous."

A confrontation between National Religious Party chairman Effie Eitam, who is demanding the party's immediate resignation from the cabinet, and Minister Zevulun Orlev is expected at the NRP's central committee meeting tomorrow. Orlev and four NRP Knesset members propose quitting the government unless a referendum about the disengagement is held.

The political security cabinet will today adopt the principles of the bill proposal to implement the disengagement plan, before bringing them to the vote on Tuesday. A large majority of cabinet ministers is expected to support the principles, after which the bill's full draft will be distributed, in two weeks. The cabinet will be asked on Tuesday to ratify advance payments to settlers from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank who wish to be evacuated.

The bill will regulate the settlers' evacuation, setting two stages: At first the IDF and police will close the areas earmarked for evacuation to civilians and isolate them. Then the cabinet will authorize the IDF and police to evacuate all those who remain in the closed-off areas and their belongings.