Despite their profound identification with the American people, who are having a hard time after hurricane Sandy, the Arabs see the American leadership as a super-bully, which has nurtured and is still nurturing corrupt dictators. Due to the U.S. greed for Arab oil, these natural treasures have turned into a curse for the Arabs instead of a blessing. And we still haven't mentioned the total support for the Israeli occupation.

That's why the question confronting the Arabs in the U.S. elections is: Which bully is preferable - the one who never stops smiling, or the one whose stare freezes your blood. The bully with the stare is preferable. Although he's frightening, you'll never mistake his intentions. On the other hand, U.S. President Barack Obama is one of ours, both black and Hussein, his Muslim father. One can be mistaken as to his intentions, or at least the intentions of the establishment he represents.

As for Obama, even if he slips, it's hard for Arabs to say a bad word about him. To attack the pride of the village? We don't abandon our Barack Hussein. Obama began his term in a whirlwind, out of an inner truth, when he maintained that the settlements are an obstacle to peace. Like great leaders in history, he came to Cairo University on the wings of conciliation and declared that Muslims and Arabs have a place of honor in the new era. And that's how he won over the Arabs; in addition, he promised the Palestinians a new dawn.

But the disappointment was as great as the expectations. Obama withdrew his demands of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The settlements continued to expand, the Palestinians continued to be punished because they insist on their rights, which Obama had previously supported. The height of absurdity was the speech he delivered in May 2011 in honor of the Arab Spring, when he supported the principles of liberty, democracy and justice. But the citizen in the Arab world, who watched a brilliant speech against his corrupt leaders, was unable to understand why when a leader of a superpower turns to Netanyahu the words get stuck in his throat. Anyone who demands that the Arabs respect human rights, and at the same time flatters those who are forcibly keeping millions of Palestinians without rights under occupation, looks ridiculous.

Meanwhile the Arabs are being asked not to confront Obama because Romney, the bully with the stare, is liable to win. Let him win. After all, it won't be any worse than this. At least there will be a fair fight, and a president who casts all the blame on the Palestinians, refers to the Arab world as the dark half of the globe, and who has a colleague who claims that the Palestinians are an invented people.

The time has come - how did our Barak, the defense minister, put it - to remove the masks. To see the real American face - from the bloody war that divided Iraq and the support for the Saudi regime that oppresses its citizens and keeps its people in medieval conditions, to the unreserved support for the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Obama is good for the Americans, of that I'm convinced. But when it comes to Middle East policy, the real White House is located in the Israeli prime minister's residence in Rehavia. The tough tenant there is mobilizing all the members of Congress and the lobbyists and the Adelsons in order to instill fear in the imaginary president in the imaginary White House.

That's why the truth should be told to all the democrats in Israel who expect Obama to do the work for them: Even if Obama promises another four years in the White House, that doesn't mean a thing. That's why you should ignore November 6. Think only about January 22. Let our Barack Hussein live in peace. Just send a worthy and decent tenant to Rehavia. And I promise that things will work out yet.