Over the past year the country once again was filled with reports, so much so that one can discuss a "culture of reports," or alternatively, as "covenant of reports" handed down by mountain movers and mountain crushers: so many reports and wind and rain of commitments and promises. Playing the role of Moses the Law Giver are various players at various times: Shlomo Dovrat and his committee, or Talia Sasson as a one-woman show.

As for God himself, there are no replacements for Him, and everyone knows who the God is now and everyone works with only him.

And there is a common denominator to the reports: Nobody wants either, and from the start there was no need for them. Everyone knows what must be done in education, it's just not been done.

If forms were handed out to experts and laymen, and they were asked to fill in the forms with what should be done to repair the educational system, they would provide the same answers, which are the answers of the Dovrat Committee, which for some reason worked hard to put them down on a crooked table that can only cause worry.

Who needed a committee, let alone a "national task force?"

And who heeded the Sasson report, which discovers what is already known to all, like discovering America only now, since America, like Yesha, is here, and we know the map well and all that is on it and on the ground.

At the sight of attorney Sasson handing over to Ariel Sharon the findings of her report I was attacked by a burst of very unhealthy belching laughs: She, Sasson, tells him, Sharon, what is going on in the Wild West Bank; she is telling him, who was behind all the subterfuge and trickery of the settlement enterprise. What she still does not know, will never know, he wants to forget, or maybe not, who can know.

For a minute I thought that with his famous generosity, he would ask her to sit down so he could say, "Ma'am, on this occasion that we are both in this room I will tell you the whole truth, what really happened out there and you can finally finish your incomplete work.

You see, this is the desk around which I and Zambish sat and we plotted and planned and remembered Zion and now this desk is my confession chamber, so take a pen and write it down."

But he only smiled and thanked her just as he thanked Shlomo Dovrat and both were certain that their reports, for a change, would not go the way of all paper.

The "culture of reports" is meant to praise their authors - and bury them: when the committees that should not have been formed were formed, their state burial was already being planned. It's a tradition by now: Sharon announces at the start of a cabinet meeting about the adoption of a report, in all its aspects.

The most orthodox of the gang also invite the finance minister in to say what he thinks, just to make the point, and with the intention to make sure that the corpse is buried far deeper than six feet under.

At such ceremonies of tidings, nobody goes into details such as budgets or timetables; the celebrations override the petty details.

They - Sharon, Livnat, Netanyahu - speak in terms of "earthquakes" and "what was will never be again," "revolution," and while the trumpets play, quietly, the burial dirge plays.

Sasson, knowledgeable and up to date, already knows that no mobile home will move from its place, nor will one generator. It is even possible that Shlomo Dovrat, a babe in these woods, already knows and understands that his committee's name was spoken in vain, and that the next school year will be just like the last one.

From the roof of the Education Ministry itself the sounds of the sirens announcing the calm have already begun, and it's time to go back to the overcrowded classrooms accompanied by the tunes of the requiem.

Seemingly, the "culture of reports" says there actually is a responsible approach, a committee before anything else. But in effect, the a culture of committees first is also the final touch: more precisely, one could say that the significance of the report is the reporting.

How sad, that this government is taking the big steps. If it were to try smaller steps, one could hope for a long school day in a few more schools, and the tossing of at least few of the outposts into the very place the report will go.