Senior United States defense officials fear that a much-anticipated Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would fail to destroy them due to lack of intelligence about their location, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

The British newspaper stated that evidence of the CIA and Mossad espionage agency's dearth of knowledge on the matter emerged during recent Israel-U.S. talks.

Citing an official familiar with the discussions who has briefed Iran experts in Washington and London, the Sunday Telegraph stated that the talks were between Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Israeli generals.

Despite the gaps in intelligence, the Pentagon chiefs worry that Israel will feel compelled to act within the next 12 months, despite no guarantee that it can do more than slow Iran's development of a nuclear weapon, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

While Iran insists its program is for peaceful purposes, Israel, the U.S. and other allies fear that the Islamic Republic is covertly seeking to produce nuclear weapons.

The American commander's assessment emerged after an Iranian government spokesman on Saturday said his country's nuclear program remains unchanged, indicating that Tehran has no plans to meet the West's central demand that it stop enriching uranium.