Israel Aerospace Industries on Thursday confirmed that it received a message from the South Korean Ministry of Defense regarding the purchase of the Israeli radar warning system Oren Yarok (Green Pine), a deal worth around $200 million.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) refused to disclose any additional details but Korean media has reported that the radar system in question is the Oren Yarok developed by Elta, a subsidiary company of the IAI. The system is used as Israel's main radar warning system and the Oran Yarok is the radar used by Israel's principle interceptor missile, the Arrow.

The South Korean ministry of defense decided to purchase the Israeli radar system after surveying various offers from different companies. The $200 million deal will be paid over two to five years.

According to different reports, the range of the radar is about 500 km, enough to cover most of South Korea's territory, and hopefully to protect the country from missile threats from North Korea. Elta will incorporate the radar in the South Korean missile system, which is based on American interception systems such as the Patriot.

South Korea is discussing with the IAI the possibility of purchasing the Arrow missile defense system. Israel is making contacts with other countries on this issue as well, with Turkey among those that have expressed interest.

Nonetheless, chances are slim that a foreign country will purchase the Arrow before a joint Israeli-American missile defense development occurs.

The deal is one of the largest weapons sales ever between Israel and South Korea. IAI previously lost a tender to sell South Korea the Falcon radar warning system, after the U.S. pressured them to favor American companies.