U.S. envoy George Mitchel will arrive in the region this week without a new agenda for renewing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported on Saturday.

In a move that is doubtful to inspire a renewal of negotiations, Mitchell will be arriving with no letters of grantee from neither the U.S. nor Israel.

According to the French sources quoted in the article, the information about Mitchell's lack of a new plan came to light during a series of meetings in Paris and Brussels.

The sources say that during the course of the meetings, Mitchell did not present any new program or clear agenda that outlined how he could reverse the current stagnation in negotiations.

The article continued by saying that Washington will not give the Palestinian side any guarantees when it comes time for negotiations that are unacceptable to Israel, especially in regards to the question of Jerusalem's future. This comes despite the hope by many that letters of guarantee are the exact thing needed to inspire a return to the negotiating table.

The U.S. is reportedly concerned that letters of guarantee will toughen the stance of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. There is a fear that if promises in the form of these letters are given, Abbas will base all future negotiations on them.