An alleged Iranian terrorist cell used $27 portable radios to hide at least five bombs intended for use against Israeli targets in Bangkok, Thailand, ABC News reported.

ABC News obtained a photo of one of the unexploded devices showing the inside of a radio containing ball bearings and magnets. The report cited bomb experts as saying that the magnets indicated that the bomb was designed to be stuck to the side of a vehicle.

A surveillance photo shows one of the alleged terror cell members, named as Saeid Moradi, holding two portable radios.

Last week, Moradi was wounded in Bangkok when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off. Shortly before, there had been an explosion in a house he was renting in the Ekamai area of central Bangkok.

The blasts came a day after a twin bomb attacks targeted Israeli embassy staff in India and Georgia. Israel accused Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of being behind those attacks.