Arab television networks reported Sunday that Hamas has captured two Israel Defense Forces soldiers, one day after the IDF launched a ground operation in Gaza aimed at halting rocket fire on Israel.

Hamas also issued a statement Sunday saying that, "two soldiers were kidnapped."

The IDF Spokesman stated Sunday that there was "no knowledge of such a report," and "the report is being checked." The IDF accused Hamas of engaging in psychological warfare meant to demoralize the Israeli public.

Sky News quoted the IDF on Sunday as saying that it believes the reports are "not true."

The army accused Hamas of attempting to spread disinformation, particularly regarding captured soldiers, an issue close to the heart of the Israeli public.

IDF soldier Gilad Shalit has remained in captivity since being kidnapped by Gaza militants in 2006. In July 2008, Israel handed over five Lebanese prisoners in return for the bodies of two IDF reservists snatched by Hezbollah two years earlier.