A German man with a Hitler obsession has been jailed for five months for teaching his pet dog to perform a Nazi salute, according to the British tabloid The Sun.

The paper reports that the dog, named Adolf, had been taught by owner "Roland T" to lift his paw sharply into the air when he heard the words "Heil Hitler." The former car salesman was reportedly caught after he boasted of the trick to police.

Performing a Nazi salute is outlawed in Germany, as is Nazi insignia and Holocaust denial.

According to The Sun, "Roland T" planned to have Adolf put to sleep to mark the anniversary of Hitler's suicide in 1945.

The dog has now been placed in an animal shelter, the reports says, where staff are training him to raise his paw to shake hands, rather than perform a Nazi salute.

"Roland T," meanwhile, fears that he will not get his pet back after he has completed his jail sentence.

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