The Reform Movement recently published an expanded manual for the inclusion of homosexuals and transgender individuals, including a list of three blessings to be said on the occasion of a sex change operation.

"I believe that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) Jews in our midst - our children, our relatives, and our friend - are in great need, as are we all of spiritual support," said Union of Reform Judaism President Rabbi Eric Yoffie in the manual's Statement of Purpose.

The 500-page Kulanu: A Program for Implementing Gay and Lesbian Inclusion contains among other things services for same-sex commitment and marriage ceremonies as well as advice for the inclusion of GLBT individuals in the community.

The original edition of Kulanu was published 10 years ago, and was considered at the time to be a modern and daring step for the movement, which had recognized homosexual individuals as legitimate and equal members of the community three decades prior.

The movement spent three years formulating the new manual, with the participation of homosexuals and spiritual leaders.

The new edition includes for the first time an entire chapter devoted to transsexual individuals, including the Reform Movement's decisions regarding transsexual persons, and instructions designed to assist them in becoming integrated into the community.

According to the Union of Reform Judaism Web site, Kulanu also includes seven new personal stories including, Neil Spencer Welles' "A Gay Jewish Divorce," Inbal Kashtan's "A Traditional Jewish Lesbian Wedding" and TJ Michels and Ali Cannon's "Whose Side Are You On? Transgender at the Western Wall."

"In the ten years since the first edition of Kulanu was published there has been great progress in the way the Jewish community in general and the Reform synagogue community in particular has welcomed GLBT Jews," says the Web site. "This edition of Kulanu will continue to pave the way towards total inclusion of GLBT individuals and families in Reform Jewish Life."