A Palestinian woman from East Jerusalem has been arrested on suspicion of mediating between Tanzim militants staying at Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's headquarters and their Hezbollah operators in Lebanon.

Fada Abdullah, 28, a nurse in the Palestinian Red Crescent organization, was arrested last Wednesday. The divorced mother used to frequent Arafat's Muqata in Ramallah as part of her job and could move freely between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

During questioning, Abdullah admitted that for some few months she had been working for Tanzim militant Khaled Shawish, who is wanted by Israeli security forces for the murder of Israelis, and who is staying at the Muqata. Abdullah said that in recent days Shawish was planning a suicide attack inside Israel.

Security officials said other Tanzim militants staying at the Muqata, who are operating cells in the Ramallah area, are receiving finance and orders from Hezbollah and Iran's Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon.

Israel Defense Forces troops yesterday arrested two wanted Tanzim militants near the West Bank city of Nablus, Israel Radio reported.

One was nabbed in the village of Kuchin, west of Nablus, while the other was arrested in the village of Ein Funduk, near the West Bank settlement of Kedumim. The two were carrying a pipe bomb, a Kalashnikov assault rifle and three magazines.

On Friday, a Palestinian farmer was killed during an IDF search for militants near the West Bank city of Jenin, Palestinian witnesses said.

The shooting coincided with the second day of a high alert for suicide attacks against Israelis following an army assault on militants in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday that killed 15 Palestinians and triggered vows of revenge.

Police bolstered their presence in crowded places Friday, including Jerusalem's Old City, where they tightened restrictions for Muslim prayers at the Temple Mount.

Police said they received information that anti-Israeli protests were planned at the site and decided to ban male worshipers under the age of 45 and those without Israeli identity cards as a precaution.

In addition, police set up extra roadblocks and increased their presence in city centers, near the Green Line and around Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Palestinian witnesses said the farmer, Ahmad Abdul Kadir Nazal, was shot dead as he drove to his cornfield to prepare crops for an early-morning shipment.

An army spokesman said the soldiers killed the driver of a suspicious vehicle outside the village of Kabatiya after he ignored shouts and warning shots to stop.