Students of rabbis Yitzhak Ginsburg and Yitzhak Shapira from Yitzhar have embarked in recent weeks on a campaign targeting Military Advocate General Avichai Mendelblit. The students are behind a protest letter disseminated in the neighborhood of the major general, and are also the ones who publicized his address.

Calling themselves "Your Wreckers and Your Destroyers," the group of anonymous activists from Samaria are operating in their rabbis' name in an effort to protest against civil servants and law-enforcement agencies.

The group had targeted police prosecutors Merav Ettinger and Shiri Laufer, whom they accuse of persecuting right-wing activists, as well as Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan whose portfolio includes law enforcement in the West Bank. They have also targeted two Civil Administration inspectors living in the territories, Rami Ziv and Bentzi Kessler.

The group focuses on public relations activities, disseminating flyers and when they deem it necessary, protest rallies opposite the homes of the persons they consider a threat.

In recent weeks the students have stepped up their activities against Mendelblit. On the website, The Jewish Voice, they published a number of unsigned articles about the military advocate general. In them they emphasize the views of Rabbi Shapira, who argues that the lives of innocent Palestinians should not necessarily be spared if it means protecting soldiers.

'Dangerous trend'

"A dangerous trend has developed in recent years of elements within the army working against our soldiers in an effort to initiate investigations against soldiers and emasculate them," one of the articles stated. "This trend has strengthened significantly recently, since Operation Cast Lead, and in the public there are strong voices calling out for a change of this situation."

In another instance, Shuki Hess from Yitzhar published an article on the site in which he wrote that "Mendelblit is breaking the necessary trust between a soldier and his commander. In his hands the investigation has become a criminal instrument. The process which Mendelblit is leading, with the backing of leftist groups, endangers us both militarily and morally."

Last week, The Jewish Voice published Mendelblit's address in Petah Tikva. The flier handed out last week in Petah Tikva against Mendelblit was signed by the group.

"Avichai is responsible for the conviction of two Givati soldiers," it read. "This is not the only instance in which Mendelblit has sacrificed the lives of our soldiers. In many other cases, soldiers who gave their all for us found themselves on trial because of him. According to Jewish ethics the lives of our soldiers are more dear than the lives of enemy civilians, but apparently Avichai thinks otherwise."