This recipe is from Haaretz's archives.

Ashkenazis make compote out of quinces while Sephardis cook, reduce, or bake them. All you need is sugar and quinces and, if you want, a handful of raisins. Don't spice it up too much, so as not to overpower the aroma of the quinces, which is a perfume unto itself.


1 kg. quinces
boiling water to cover the fruit
2 cups sugar
a handful of raisins
Option: 1 tbsp. real vanilla extract


1.Wash the quinces, but don't peel them. Remove the ends, and cut slices from all sides, leaving a center "column" containing the seeds.

2. Cut all the quince slices into large cubes and place in the pot. Place the middle part, with the seeds, in a diaper cloth, or just put it into the pot with the quince cubes. Some of the seeds and the center of the fruit contain pectin, which jells very nicely and thickens the compote naturally.

3. Cover generously with boiling water, add the sugar and the raisins, and bring to a boil. Cook, covered, for one hour over a low flame. Taste, correct seasonings.

4. Refrigerate and serve chilled.