A local political party in Givatayim is calling on the city to set its own daylight saving period, regardless of the rest of the country.

City council member Yoram Pomerantz, head of Givatayim Hayeruka (Green Givatayim ) party, yesterday suggested holding summer dayling saving time from March 1 to November 1 on a regular basis.

"The public debate over the forced return of standard (winter ) time in the middle of summer and against all reason ... merely for the stupid whims of religious politicians, is an extraordinary opportunity for Givatayim to lead Israel on a more reasonable, saner track," Pomerantz said.

He urged Mayor Reuven Ben Shahar to bring this suggestion to the council's vote, saying there is no reason different cities in Israel should not have different time zones, as cities in other states do.

Pomerantz said he hoped other towns and communities follow suit and extend daylight saving time to November 1, until the custom spreads throughout Israel.

"Pomerantz is trying to make headlines," a municipality spokesperson said. "He wants it to be 1 in Givatayim when it is 12 in the rest of the country. This is not serious. The city's executive will act only according to the government's decisions."