Police released Sunday dramatic footage captured by security cameras of Friday's shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The attack, in which 10 people were wounded - three moderately and the rest lightly - was carried out by 29-year-old Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib, an Israeli Arab from the Galilee.

The edited footage shows the Khatib following two security guards in the Old City's narrow streets, snatching a gun from one of them and firing at the guard before fleeing the scene.

Both guards gave chase in the streets, which were full of visitors, while exchanging fire with the assailant. One of the guards was moderately wounded in the gun battle, which lasted 10 minutes and ultimately ended in Khatib's death.

The video ends with footage of Khatib being shot, while continuing to fire, but does not show Khatib's final moments and therefore fails to address the issue of whether or not one of the guards "confirmed the kill."

Witnesses told Israel Radio and other media Friday that even after it was clear that the assailant had been killed, the guard continued shooting.

A source involved with the investigation told Haaretz that after viewing the footage, he determined that the guard had indeed shot the assailant after the assailant already collapsed, but that this was necessary.

"The guard didn't confirm the kill, but he did make sure that the assailant no longer posed a threat," the source said. "He shot him after the assailant had already hit the ground, but was still holding the gun. He did so to make sure the assailant wouldn't try to shoot at him. The guard could not neutralize the assailant with a shot to the leg or stomach."

Jerusalem District Police Commander Ilan Franco said that "the guard acted professionally," adding that "passersby were able to hide from the bullets, and the incident is currently under investigation."

The investigation is being conducted by the Shin Bet security service and the Jerusalem District Police.