The Hebron police opened an investigation Thursday into Jewish Quarter resident Yifat Alkobi's assault of her Arab Neighbors. Alkobi was documented on video cursing and attacking the Abu-Aisha family in the city.

Alkobi is well known to Hebron police for her alleged attack of a 10-year-old Palestinian child in March 2005, for which she is to be tried on February 1.

The boy, Yusuf Aza, told investigators from the human rights organization Yesh Din that he was walking the path between his home and Alkobi's with two friends, when she began pelting him with stones. Aza, whose two friends fled the scene, said, "I tried to run away but I couldn't because she blocked the way."

Aza added that Alkobi "grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me up against the wall. A soldier named Ofer tried to help, but she pushed him away, and he fell down. She held me with one hand and with the other pushed a rock into my mouth and forced my mouth closed. I felt my teeth breaking." Aza said the soldier got up and called for help on his radio.

Yesh Din has protested the fact that, nearly two years after the attack, Alkobi is not under arrest.

The spokesperson for the Hebron settlers, Orit Struk, responded that the latest incident and others should be seen as "part of the whole picture and the harassment of Jews by Arabs in the city."