The Prime Minister's Office is seeking a compromise in the face of demands by Interior Minister Eli Yishai and opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima ) to cancel the Knesset's summer recess, due to the housing protests around the country and concern that the Palestinian issue will heat up again as a result of the push in the United Nations for recognition of a Palestinian state in September. Currently the Knesset is due to begin a two-month recess at the end of this week.

According to informed sources, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to head off Yishai's initiative for two reasons: the fear that no-confidence motions might be filed by the opposition, and the concern that legislation over which he has no control could pass if the Knesset remains in session.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin confirmed to Haaretz yesterday that he is considering cancelling the recess. He will convene a meeting today to explore various options for Knesset sessions over the next two months. Rivlin is expected meet with Yishai, coalition chairman Zeev Elkin and Knesset House Committee chairman Yariv Levin. The options discussed are expected to include holding "symbolic" sessions once or twice a week or shortening the recess.