Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not intervene in the appointment of the next antitrust commissioner, despite the coalition agreement stating otherwise that was drawn up with Defense Minister Ehud Barak's new breakaway party Atzmaut. The Prime Minister's Office informed TheMarker yesterday of the change after the paper reported suspicions of the appointment being politicized.

The coalition agreement between Atzmaut and Likud states that the candidate will be picked by the industry and trade minister and the prime minister. This has raised concerns that Netanyahu might have been trying to politicize what is supposed to be a professional post. The worry is that Netanyahu would be swayed by the interests of big business instead of trying to augment competition in the economy.

"The process of appointing the antitrust commissioner will remain the same. The search committee is examining the candidates and will present its recommendation to the industry, trade and labor minister. The minister's recommendation will be presented to the cabinet for approval exactly as done until now," said the PMO.