Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is taking part in a new campaign against the deportation of children of foreign workers. Sara is known as a critic of the deportation process and in August sent a letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai asking him to prevent the deportation of children.

The campaign, titled "Behind every child slated to be deported there's a citizen opposed to the deportation," hosted over 200 actors, politicians, businessmen and activists, who met and had pictures taken with the children.

Participants include Aliza Olmert, Moshe Ivgi, Noam Lanir, Keren Mor, Yehuda Poliker, Moshe Gaon and many others. The pictures will appear in a special issue of the Time Out magazine as well as in a photo exhibition that will mark the launch of the campaign, slated to begin at the end of the school year.

Sara was photographed with Esther Aikpehae, a student at the Bialik-Rogozin school and star of the Oscar-winning documentary "Strangers No More." The two met on Sunday at the Prime Minister's Residence.

"I was very excited to meet Mrs. Netanyahu," said Aikpehae. "We spoke about many things, like Holocaust Remembrance Day and her family, the Scouts and the school. She said she was trying to help us but we didn't talk so much about the deportation as about life in Israel."